FSI Vanilla+

What makes us Vanilla+?
We are Vanilla+ because we have a select few plugins for our PaperSpigot Server developed by the Owner Jowcey which allow players to show what land is theirs on the Dynamic Map and in-game.

How do i play?
To play the Vanilla+ server you much first head over to https://vanilla.fsi.gg/apply and submit an application to the server. Before or after that step join our discord using the link below.

FSI Rusty

What is FSI Rusty?
FSI Rusty is a survival minecraft server that brings the core functionalities of Rust by FacePunch to Minecraft. Giving Minecraft a whole new feel yet still being Minecraft.

How do i play?
To play the Rust server you simply have to join our discord below, from there you will find the minecraft server's IP Address where you can log in and play!